The Divided Self

Teffany Thiedeman

The artist’s divided self has mainly been driven by the perpetual efforts of balancing the forces of economic survival with the overwhelming urge to create.

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On Forgetting

UC Faculty of Arts and Design

Works by UC Faculty of Arts and Design members that attend to what is rarely attended to: what it means to forget; what we forget; how to forget.

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Fluid Cartographies

Nicci Haynes, Peter McLean and John Pratt

Fluid Cartographies reveals how maps and map imagery serve as source and inspiration for contemporary artists.

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“Formation” is a group exhibition that explores how the physical body plays a crucial role in how we as people interpret and understand facets of our own humanity including identity, gender, and sexuality.

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The Magic Bus (detail) by John Brookes


John Brookes

Examines modes of transport as a metaphor for our internal journeys of growth, development and personal change.

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Untitled by Dan Simmonds

Blue Skies and Green Grass

Dan Simmonds

Dan has used a variety traditional printmaking techniques to generate the basis of this body of work, adding his abstract marks and colour to tie the works together.

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Family by Tabitha Harmer

Wild Magic

Tabitha Harmer and Annelise Triulcio

The works that Tabitha and Annelise create are heavily character and story based with many thoughts and ideas integral to their creation.

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Sloth by Emma-Kate McDonald


Emma-Kate McDonald

Seven is a response to the Hieronymus Bosch paintings depicting the Seven Deadly Sins. Each image depicts a subjective interpretation of Wrath, Gluttony, Greed, Pride, Envy, Sloth, and Lust.

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Self portrait (detail) by Lillee Wakefield

Prompted Imagination

Lillee Wakefield

An adventurous installation that takes the audience through an example of the artist’s thinking process and how it can be a powerful thing.

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IGNITE: Gallery

IGNITE: Gallery

For disabled artists and those living with mental health issues, the d/Deaf and Hard of Hearing (HOH).

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Dust Clouds by Tanya Crawshaw

Walking Country

Tanya Crawshaw

Tanya’s works are heavily influenced by the states and natural occurrences of the Australian landscape. Colours and shapes represent particular areas and landmarks in the country.

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