Respecting Country

Passing down knowledge (detail) by William Walker

Respecting Country

William Walker

The Nook, Belconnen Arts Centre

Opening: 6pm Friday 12 July 2024

Exhibition: 12 July – 25 August 2024

William’s work is focused around the Deep, Spiritual Connection his People and his Ancestors have to the Land. He mostly paints landscapes that show what it was like back in the Dreamtime; the way of life, Hunting and Gathering, Learning from the Elders, Looking after and Protecting the Animals the Land and Yabbah (Water), Sharing and Caring and showing Garamah (Respect) for Country.

William paints his Country, Wahlubal Country (Tabuluam, far north NSW) underneath the Bundjalung Nation. Through his work, you Learn about the Animals that live on Wahlubal country, his totem, the bush tucker, the Rocky River and Animals from the River and surrounding ranges. His vibrant sunsets and moonlight paintings create a sense of calmness, peace and serenity. You get a sense of what it was like back in the Dreamtime, how his Tribe lived Harmoniously with the Land and the Animals.

William hopes his work will give people an understanding of the intricate systems that are in place and the Importance of Protecting and Preserving these systems. He feels it’s important to share this knowledge with everyone so we can work together collectively to look after the Land and Animals for all the Jarjums (children), our Future Generations. He believes we have a Shared Responsibility and Obligation to do this and that it’s vital that people Listen and Learn from the Original People of the Country that they are living on, and the LORE of that Country.

This Land is only borrowed from our Future Generations and we have a Responsibility to share knowledge, Learn and Work together. We don’t own the Land, we Belong to it.  Yoway!

About Willliam Walker

Jingeela (Hello) 

My name is William Walker. I’m a Wahlubal artist of the Bundjalung nation. I grew up on the Rocky River (Tabulam NSW). I started painting when I was 16. I paint landscapes. I always paint the country I come from, Wahlubal Country. When I paint, I feel Peaceful, Calm and Connected to my Ancestors. My paintings tell stories about what it was like back in the Dreaming, the Love of the Land, the Animals and the Culture. I hope my paintings will give people an understanding of what it was like back then and about looking after the country

Garamah Bugelbah (Respect and Thankyou).
Yarmboo (Later), William

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