Reclamation: Stories of Thrivival

Rising of the Feminine (detail) by Wallabindi Dickerson

Reclamation: Stories of Thrivival

Wallabindi Dickerson

Pivot Gallery, Belconnen Arts Centre

Opening: 6pm Friday 12 July 2024

Exhibition: 12 July – 25 August 2024

Reclamation: Stories of Thrivival is an eclectic, evocative and unique collection of mixed media works by First Nations artist, Wallabindi Dickerson.

The artist draws her inspiration from memories and reflections of her own lived experiences as well as those of her ancestors. This collection of works are statements of reclamation for the artist which, interwoven with the echoes of her ancestors, creates a multifaceted journey which oscillates dreamily between past, present and future.  

Thrivival is a term that came to the artist strongly during the creation of this, her debut exhibition. For her, it encompasses the incredible strength, resilience, resourcefulness, love and creativity of the staunch matriarchy that she is descended from. In her awe of these past matriarchs, she has found much inspiration and, to her delight, glimmers of these qualities in herself. Sustainability in the form of reclaimed, recycled and upcycled materials features strongly in this exhibit as the artist’s own passion for caring for Country.

About Wallabindi Dickerson

Wallabindi is a contemporary Aboriginal (Wadandi Bibbulmun Noongar/Yamatji) and Burmese artist who has been creating on Ngunnawal Country for over 20 years. She is also a proud mother of two, an award winning singer/songwriter (Winner of the MusicACT 2023 Independent Debut of the Year for her EP, Wallabindi Dreaming), a budding playwright and more recently, a TEDxCanberra speaker. 

Her artworks form part of many private collections both locally and internationally. 

Wallabindi’s ever evolving works are, for her, a form of reclamation – both of her culture and her voice as a woman – in contemporary society.  It is also an opportunity to continue her own exploration into the depths of her creativity and to immerse in the healing and catharsis it often provides.

Instagram: @wallabindi_dr