Exhibit at Belco Arts

Left to right, top to bottom: Wrack and Salvage by Jacqui Malins, Stitching a heart for my guardian angel by Emma Rani Hodges, yuuruu (rain) by Leah Brideson and Endurance 9 (detail) by Annika Romeyn

Exhibit at Belco Arts

We are looking for artists working across the rich breadth of visual arts and crafts practices to express their interest in being part of our exhibition program. Belco Arts is a place where artists at any stage of their career are supported to be creatively ambitious, be courageous, elevate their practice and further their careers. 

We have a suite of distinctive galleries and spaces to exhibit your work. All galleries have an associated one-off exhibition fee ranging between $550 > $3000 inclusive of GST.  These fees ensure you have the best presentation of your work.  We provide professional support, this includes design and production of promotional collateral, vinyl signage, room brochure, install team and management of all sales in situ and online.

West Gallery | Architectural in its presentation with large west facing windows, this space beautifully allows for the presentation of the full suite of traditional visual arts.

East Wall | Facing our gallery reception as a prime location, suitable for small, intimate exhibitions.

Generator Gallery | Open, inclusive, and always dynamic with several moveable walls allowing for new perspectives for every exhibition.  Its strength lies in its breadth of possibilities for exhibitions.  It is also a space that can have two exclusive exhibitions at the same time.

Pivot Gallery | Situated between our Galleries and Theatre Foyer, this light-controlled space extends our capabilities to include the presentation of new media, projection, and installation work.

Window Gallery | A small intimate exhibition space, beautifully positioned on the street frontage. This space best supports robust works not impacted by the absence of climate control. It celebrates 24-hour presentation and continuously attracts walkers.

Apply now

To apply, please provide us with details of your proposed exhibition with supporting images that if not the work, are accurately indicative of the nature of work you are proposing to exhibit. 

If you have any questions, please contact Artistic Director & Co-CEO, Monika McInerney to discuss your proposal: moni@belcoarts.com.au