Collage to Painting with Michele England

Dive into Digital Art

Bobby Graham

Use your iPad to sketch, paint, illustrate and animate. Take a deep dive into digital to produce your own artwork that you can sell online.

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Collage to Painting with Michele England

Collage to Painting

Michele England

With scissors we’ll snip and glue, we’ll stick and then we’ll paint it too! Learn how to make a collage then paint using mixed media and acrylics.

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Beast Masters with Tom Buckland

Beast Masters

Tom Buckland

Utilise the awesome powers of papier-mâché to create your own animal, mythical creature, beast or a treasured family pet.

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Passage 3 by John Pratt

Still Life: An Expressive Genre

John Pratt

Develop understanding of scale, mark and composition, and issues involved in expressive and subjective interpretation.

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