Connect Collective: Lindy Hou, OAM

Image: Lindy Hou, OAM. Photo credit: Rob Armstrong of Bullseye Graphics

Connect Collective: An interview with Lindy Hou, OAM

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About Lindy:

Lindy Hou, OAM is a Paralympic Gold Medallist in tandem cycling. Born in Hong Kong and came to Australia with her family in 1974. She was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa in the mid-1980s and became legally blind by 1996. She has won six medals at the 2004 and 2008 Paralympic Games.  Prior to losing her sight, Lindy had a very successful career as a computer consultant. Since her retirement from Paralympic cycling, Lindy continue to keep fit through sports and encourage others to do so. Lindy now embark on the career as a motivational speaker. Apart from motivate her audience to be the best they can be, she also champion accessibility for all.”

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About Connect Collective:

Connect Collective aims to acknowledge, celebrate and inform the community about the exciting and diverse hobbies and passions of people with disabilities. Join Ruth O’Brien as she discovers more about these extraordinary members of our community.

This project is supported by the ACT Government as part of their 2021 & 2022 I-Day Celebrations.

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