Connect Collective: Jenelle Outhwaite

Image: Jenelle Outhwaite

Connect Collective: An interview with Jenelle Outhwaite

A podcast celebrating the things that bring us together

About Jenelle:

Jenelle Outhwaite wants to heal the world. She likes to use art to show who she is and send messages out there. Her passion is to recycle and upcycle. Why buy new items when old items can be given new life? Jenelle wants to reduce the “vulgawaste”. Everything can have a new lease on life; some things just need a little TLC and imagination.

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About Connect Collective:

Connect Collective aims to acknowledge, celebrate and inform the community about the exciting and diverse hobbies and passions of people with disabilities. Join Ruth O’Brien as she discovers more about these extraordinary members of our community.

This project is supported by the ACT Government as part of their 2021 I-Day Celebrations.

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