Instructional videos

Dance at home
with instructional videos

We would like to thank APRA AMCOS for providing a Domestic Use Video Licence for musical works and sound recordings featured in these videos, Aaron King (Creative Producer for Red Desert Productions), and the Dance for Wellbeing tutors (Gretel Burgess, Debora di Centa, Jacqui Simmonds, Jane Ingall).

Safety Guidelines

Before you start dancing, please note:

  1. Ideally check with your doctor first for a thumbs up.
  2. Check you have a clear space at home where you can practice these dances; a solid chair – preferably without arm-rests; and a non-slip floor.
  3. If you are dancing alone at home, we suggest you have your mobile phone nearby – just in case….
  4. We recommend you follow the suggested order of exercises, starting with a warm up and finishing with a cool down.
  5. Each exercise is taught slowly, guiding you through the movements, and then it is danced at a faster pace with music.
  6. If anything causes pain or discomfort, discontinue or modify it to suit you.
  7. If you feel tired then please rest, have a sip of water, and start again when you feel ready.
  8. Take things at your pace. You might do a little every day, or once a month; you choose.


Freely available online

Safety Guidelines

We recommend you follow the suggested order of exercises, starting with a warm-up and finishing with a cool down. To access these, go the box in the top right-hand corner of the screen above, and select one of the 18 exercises listed there, as you prefer.

More info

Please contact Dance for Wellbeing Program Officer, Philip Piggin, via email or phone (02) 6173 3300.

This class is part of the Dance for Wellbeing program, an initiative of Belco Arts. Thanks also to Musica Viva AustraliaCanberra Theatre CentreLorna Sim Photography, and Ausdance ACT.