Companion House

Trauma Awareness for Teaching Dance

A unique 3 hour training program developing your awareness of how to best teach dance to people from refugee/trauma backgrounds.

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Instructional videos

Dance at home

Each exercise is taught slowly, guiding you through the movements, and then it is danced at a faster pace with music.

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With Parkinson’s

With Jacqui, Amy, Jane and Debora

Focus on Parkinson’s-specific concerns like mobility, balance, rhythm and flexibility in a specially designed dance class.

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With Dementia

With Jacqui Simmonds and Debora di Centa

Classes include a variety of different dance and movement activities that can be enjoyed while seated, standing beside a chair, or moving independently, always to fabulous music.

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For Everyone

With Jacqui and Debora

Designed for adults who want to keep their body and brain active and healthy, regardless of their mobility, skill or age.

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