Kirandeep Grewal, Migration (detail)

Over Seas

An open exhibition for Canberra’s migrant communities

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The Materialisation of Testament

Kerry Martin

The culmination of artist Kerry Martin’s creative practice PhD undertaken at the University of Canberra between 2020 and 2024.

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Elizabeth Ficken

The square embodies the foundations of life. It can also be a manifestation to breathe, get grounded and focus on your Centre.

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YazElations: Upcycling Industrial waste

Yasmin Idriss

Yasmin Idriss’ “YazElations” are the result of thoughtfully repurposing framing waste into intricate and visually striking pieces that reflect the beauty found in everyday rubbish.

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Gold to Blue

Sarah Earle

This body of work draws from investigations and studies on my reflection and recollections of the Gold to Blue transition.

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Light and Substance

Robyn Campbell & Kirstin Guenther

Whilst Kirstin’s and Robyn’s work contrast materially, technically and in their approach; the interplay between light and substance, translucence and density, unites their work.

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Almost Always

Isobel Rayson and Nick Stranks

Isobel Rayson and Nick Stranks contemplate ideas of memory and narrative in their joint exhibition, Almost Always.

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