Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Belco Arts welcomes over 40,000 people to our premises and programs each year. This includes our many casual visitors, the active participants who attend workshops and events, our highly valued volunteers that support delivery of our programs and events, our energetic staff, resident company members and artists in residence, facility hirers and our Board members. We want all who come here to enjoy the many opportunities and benefits Belco Arts can provide. 

This Code of Conduct sets out to ensure all people involved with Belco Arts are aware of their rights and responsibilities and that they respect and act in the best interests of Belco Arts and one another.

Everyone at Belco Arts and participating in activities offsite will

  • have access to the Code of Conduct, and be able to refer to it as situations require
  • agree to any reasonable request by a member of staff, volunteer or other representative of Belco Arts acting within their role
  • use Belco Arts facilities and have access to activities and events without unreasonable distraction or disturbance
  • take care in their use of Belco Arts property and report unsafe situations and incidents without delay
  • respect the rights, comfort, convenience and point of view of Board members, staff, volunteers, hirers, artists in residence, resident company members and all who visit Belco Arts or access its programs

Our Board, staff and volunteers will

  • work for the good of Belco Arts and actively support and promote its objectives
  • provide leadership, act honestly and with integrity
  • ensure and encourage ethical conduct and decision making
  • participate openly and transparently in decision making
  • respect decisions taken by the Board
  • maintain confidentiality in relation to Board business unless otherwise agreed to by the Board
  • declare any potential conflict of interest with their responsibilities to Belco Arts