Quick tips for photographing your artworks

  • Check your camera settings. Make sure you are photographing your work at the best quality settings available to you. If you are using your phone, make sure to use the camera app, rather than Facebook or Instagram, which will capture at a lower quality. Take a moment to clean your camera lens as well.

  • Get your lighting right. Even, natural light is best – think the kind of light you would get outside on a cloudy day. Make sure your light source is coming from behind or above you when you are photographing. Light should not be coming from behind the artwork.

  • Pick your position. If you can, pin or Blu Tack your artwork to a wall to photograph it rather than laying it on a table to photograph from above. Make sure that there are no shadows (including the shadow of your body) covering any part of your artwork.

  • Line it up. Make sure your camera or phone is lined up so that the edges of your artwork are straight within the frame and your artwork fills up as much of the screen as possible without cutting off any edges. If you can, avoid using the camera zoom – stand closer to your artwork if you need to.

  • Snap steady. Make sure you haven’t got the shakes when you’re photographing. If you need to use a tripod or rest your phone on a table or chair, this may make it easier to keep things steady and aligned.