A little bird told me

Image courtesy Nichola Leeming

A little bird told me

Nichola Leeming

The Window, Belconnen Arts Centre

Opening: 6pm Friday 31 March 2023

Exhibition: 31 March – 14 May 2023

This selection of wheel thrown porcelain vessels celebrates our abundant, cherished Australian birds. No need to render these creatures as human to make them endearing. Their character is front and centre. They are colourful, noisy and demand our attention. They enhance, adorn and sometimes dominate our environment.

There isn’t one of us who hasn’t interacted with them, doesn’t have a favourite or hasn’t smiled at the personality of the birds that visit our, sorry, their gardens on a daily basis. Australian birds in particular don’t slip into the background or quietly go about their business. They are loud, funny, resilient and endearing – traits we tend to think of as quintessentially Australian. “I am, you are, we are Australian”

About Nichola Leeming

Nichola is a Canberra based ceramic artist working in wheel thrown and hand built porcelain. A recent entrant to commercial and exhibition work, Nichola has received several awards, including the Award for Surface Decoration at the 2021 Canberra Potters Society Members Exhibition and being named Overall Champion for Pottery at the 2022 Royal Canberra Show.

Her colourful images are not painted. She cuts into the piece, incising, inlaying and inserting coloured porcelain. Unglazed exteriors are hand-polished multiple times giving her vessels a luxurious feel. The work is designed to be held and rotated to reveal new perspectives and the
the narrative character of each unique piece.

Website: nicholaleeming.com
Instagram: @nicholaleeming_ceramics