Gungahlin Stories

Gallery at Eastlake Gungahlin, featuring works by Jill Hayman

Gungahlin Stories

Eastlake Gungahlin main lounge, 10am until late, daily


Presented by Gungahlin Arts, in partnership with Eastlake, Gungahlin Stories presents an ever-changing exhibition display from artists and community members with a connection to the Gungahlin region.  The program celebrates artists of all ages, abilities and backgrounds, making visible the undercurrent of creativity that thrives in our community.

Current Exhibition

Hoon Mobile Triptych

Felicity Hibble

2024. Collagraph. Oil based inks, water-based ink, chine colle. Printed on Dutch etching paper.

  1. Hoon Mobile Guitar
  2. Hoon Mobile Piano
  3. Hoon Mobile Sax

My family is musical and adventurous. The instruments we play shape the landscape for our Hoon Mobiles.

‘Hoon Mobile’ is the title of a funny piece of piano music my son, Isaac (age 8) plays; during the piece he mashes the keys to imitate a car crash. Isaac made an imaginative drawing of a monster truck, seen in ‘Hoon Mobile Piano’, chasing traffic.

We recently bought a red blow-up boat to explore the lakes and rivers near ACT. It’s affectionately called ‘bloat on the water’, or ‘red dwarf’. Our boat, with attitude, cruises along ‘Hoon Mobile Guitar’ and ‘Hoon Mobile Sax’.

My daughter, Sienna (11) is free-boarding behind the boat, over the submerged guitar. She was the first one to stand up on it and she often practices singing while she’s boarding.

The birds eye view of our red boat, bursting from the saxophone, was drawn by Isaac. The boat is personified by a gnarly face and utters ‘grrl’ while everyone yells ‘WooHoo!’.

Collagraphy is a printmaking process where materials are glued onto a stiff board and sealed with shellac to make a printing block. An impression is taken by inking the plate and passing through a press under pressure; the printed image appears reversed.

‘Chine Colle’ is when a thin piece of paper is placed on an inked plate and adheres to the heavier paper as it passes through the press.

Felicity Hibble is a local artist, recently moved to the ACT via Adelaide, Wagga Wagga and Sydney.

Submit your artworks for consideration

We welcome expressions of interest from all artists with a connection to the Gungahlin region who would like to be considered as part of the Gungahlin stories program. Exhibitions changeover every three months, and each exhibition consists of three artworks of A2 size. We accept works on paper which can be mounted into the existing frames in the space.

Artists of all ages, backgrounds and abilities are encouraged to apply. There is no cost to exhibiting artists and no artist fees are payable. Exhibitions are programmed by Belco Arts staff and submitting your entry does not guarantee acceptance.