Exhibition Proposals

Exhibition Proposals

Exhibition Proposals


We aim to present beautifully conceived and crafted exhibitions in our galleries that engage audiences from all walks of life.

We encourage artists to use their visual arts practice to explore topical issues, provoke conversation, stimulate the imagination, challenge themselves, excite, seduce or mystify their audience.

The galleries are expansive, each distinctive in their presentation and will work well for the breadth of visual arts practice. We have galleries that are infused with natural light as well as a new gallery that will be light controlled.

Exhibition periods have been expanded to maximise our capacity to profile the artists and their work. Exhibitions will generally be on display for 7-8 week periods.

Exhibitions do incur a cost. The fee covers the design and production of hard copy and electronic invitations, exhibition room brochure, gallery signage, assistance with installation, opening night refreshments and event promotion. We encourage that artworks be available for sale; all sold works attract a 30% commission.

Living Studio Residencies

We are making opportunities for artists across the wealth of creative practices to set up a studio environment where they can challenge themselves, expand their ideas, play with larger scales and work collaboratively or as an individual through the development and realisation of new bodies of work.

Proposals are welcomed from creatives across the rich diversity of arts practice. In particular, we encourage submissions that purposefully generate opportunities for the community to engage with artists through direct participation or through specifically devised or complimentary public programs.

Residencies will be located in the heart of our facilities, in the Generator Gallery. It is infused with natural light, views to the lake and expansive wall space. We also have moveable walls for use within the area, creating a flexible and imaginative environment to experiment within.

Residency periods compliment the extended exhibitions, maximising our capacity to profile artists, their work and engagement with the community. Living Studio Residencies will generally be in situ for 7-8 week periods.

Residencies do incur a cost. The fee covers the design and production of hard copy and electronic invitations to public programs or presentations, Living Studio room brochure, vinyl signage, assistance with installation/ community engagement, opening night or equivalent event refreshments and promotion.

Please submit your exhibition or Living Studio residency proposal via the form below. We encourage you to discuss your proposal prior to submission. Please contact Artistic Director and Co-CEO, Monika McInerney, at moni@belcoarts.com.au or on (02) 6173 3304.

    Your name * Your phone number * Your email * Your professional website or social media link (if applicable) Are you applying for an exhibition or Living Studio residency? * Please attach up to six images of your work (min. of one required, total should not exceed 10MB) * Artist's or collective's bio (max. 100 words) * Proposed exhibition/Living Studio residency description (max. 300 words) *