Youth Centre Mural

Youth Centre Mural

Bohie Palecek

Supported by Northside Community Service, Barnardos and The Multicultural Hub

Through Infuse, artists will work with a community over three months, to create something new to share with the whole Canberra Region. We are thrilled to announce the first Infuse project: the Youth Centre Mural, led by artist Bohie Palecek.

Bohie will be supported by Northside Community Service, Barnardos and The Multicultural Hub to work with a group of young people at the brand new pop-up youth drop-in centre in Gungahlin, to create a mural that reflects the ideas and identity of the people who use the space. 

Bohie has over a decade of experience creating commercial designs and public art projects in Victoria, South Australia, NSW and the ACT. She is a street artist, fine artist and a project facilitator. Bohie is passionate about expressing authentic storytelling in the public arena.

She is an advocate for sensitivity within the public realm, challenging superficial solutions with courageous and deeply considered designs and a strong advocate for female mentorship within the business of creativity, community culture and mental wellbeing in all areas of her work.  

Bohie has run large scale community-led public art projects through various governments at both a local and state level.   

The youth space is co-managed by Northside Community Service, Barnardos and The Multicultural Hub who are supporting the mural project by providing materials, space to work and group supervision. These organisations have responded to a demonstrated need for a youth centre in the Gungahlin community, and are looking forward to being able to better connect with young people in the region. Now that these young people will be able to make their mark directly on the walls of the space, it becomes even more meaningful.

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