Wondrous Sea Creatures

Wondrous Sea Creatures

With Michelle Day

10:30am-12pm Sundays

1 November – 6 December 2020

$215 per child
Ages 5-7 years

Includes all materials

Let’s go scuba diving and explore the colourful world hidden under the ocean’s surface. On our art journey, we will find ourselves surrounded by swaying seaweed, flamboyantly colourful coral, shimmering fish, illuminated jellyfish and all the treasures and secrets of the deep.

We will create large underwater oceanscapes on paper through stencil and collage, sculpt sea creatures from clay and create delicate silvery fish through techniques of tooling and embossing aluminium sheet, finishing the term with a wonderful shimmering installation filled with all of our creations.

Workshop Content

Week 1
Let’s go deep-sea diving down to a secret coral reef, where we’ll find
ourselves surrounded by swaying seaweed, prickly sea-urchins and flamboyantly colourful coral. We will create large works on paper of gorgeous underwater landscapes through techniques of paint, stencil and collage.

Weeks 2 & 3
Let’s have fun experimenting with aluminium embossing techniques to
create our own school of delicate, silver, shimmering fish to swim amongst the seaweed.

Weeks 4 & 5
Let’s get our sculpting hands ready this week, we will learn how to sculpt air-drying clay into wonderful, mysterious sea creatures. Perhaps a wriggly octopus, a slithery sea snake or a cheerful starfish. This project will develop our skills in coil, pinch pot and slab clay techniques. In week 5 we will bring our clay sea creatures to life with bright and vibrant colour.

Week 6
At the end of the term, we will bring together all our wondrous ocean creations to form a shimmering ocean installation full to the brim with silvery fish and colourful clay sea creatures. We will build diving helmets and invite our parents and carers to come deep-sea diving with us to see our wonderful ocean installations.

Michelle Day
Image by Mark Mohell.

About Michelle Day

Michelle Day is an Australian based sculptor and installation artist. She has exhibited both
nationally and internationally and has been the recipient of several prestigious grants.

Michelle completed her MFA (by research) at Chiang Mai University Faculty of Fine Art in 2017 and
her Bachelor of Visual Arts at The Australian National University School of Art in 2009 in Textiles
and Sculpture. Her work focuses on the organic world and the wonders of nature – the beautiful and the uncomfortable. She often creates her work from translucent, delicate materials paired with

Michelle believes in the importance of nurturing the unique imaginations of young creators and
fostering learning through play and tactile making. In her workshops, she offers the opportunity to experiment freely, which she believes enriches
children’s ability to problem-solve, be self-directed and think creatively in all aspects of their life as both children and adults.

More info

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