Wiradjuri Echoes

Wiradjuri Echoes
Image by Erica Hurrell.

Wiradjuri Echoes

Sweeping and cleansing dance

11am Monday 9 November 2020

Show off dance

11am Sunday 15 November 2020

With years of experience in a dynamic, demanding market, Wiradjuri Echoes have established a well-respected presence within the Canberra and region’s community, and Duncan has even been commissioned to travel to Mauritius to share culture. Through their undisputed passion for Indigenous culture and respect for making a change, they have undoubtedly made a difference to many Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.

They have performed for many government departments, schools and community events as well as performing for the opening of the National Folk Festival events every year, Multicultural Festival and welcoming the Chinese President, Indian Prime Minister, Duchess Kate and Prince William, Princess Mary and Prince Fredrik, and Prime Ministers of Australia John Howard, Malcolm Turnbull, Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd. They have also participated in a live stream to Buckingham Palace.

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