When Blossom

Blue Hydrangeas
Blue Hydrangeas (detail) by Green

When Blossom


Opening 6pm Friday 1 April 2022

1 April – 15 May 2022

In the past few years, we have had a hard time with Covid-19. One day I thought about I might lost or missed the scent of every season the nature gave every year without notice.

We could not live normal life before, like going out to feel the nature freely because we need to stay at home for safety.

At night when everyone is asleep, sitting alone in the art room, I thought of past memories in the nature like blue sky and white clouds, warm sunlight, cool breeze, pretty flowers, trees, grass, etc. and I wanted to capture the nature like a picture in the small world of paper and I also wanted to convey that scene to people who see my paintings.

Mostly the flowers of my painting are blooming by putting the colours of nature that I felt when I saw the nature that gives impartially.

About Green:

EDUCATION 2004 Bachelor of Fine-Art education, Mokwon University, South Korea
EXHIBITION 2004 1st solo exhibition, Dae-jeon, South Korea
2021 Celebrate Gungahlin festival, Artist showcase, Migrant women’s Art Group, Gungahlin, Australia
2018 Art show C3 Church Watson, Australia
2010 A little professional Group Exhibition with EAS Students, Lidcombe, Australia
2001-2004 Annual Group Exhibition of Fine-Art education Group, Dae-jeon, South Korea / Graduate Exhibition, Dae-jeon, South Korea
Awards & Grants 2004 Honorable mention at Danwon arts festival, Ansan / Special selection at Asian art Association, South Korea

Instagram: @artlife_by_green