Walking Country

Dust Clouds by Tanya Crawshaw
Dust Clouds by Tanya Crawshaw.

Walking Country

Tanya Crawshaw

16 March – 14 June 2021

Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications
2 Phillip Law Street, NewActon ACT

Opening hours
9am-5pm Mon-Fri

Tanya’s works are heavily influenced by the states and natural occurrences of the Australian landscape. Colours and shapes represent particular areas and landmarks in the country.

Dust Clouds represents the outback of the Northern Territory and the dry storms that occur there. The heat waves that dry out the country and heavy winds are characterized in the sweeping gestures and colours of the work.

Walking Castle is based on a castle in Scotland. The pink shapes at the top of the work represent the spire and battlements of the castle. The many tourists that walk around the castle are the influence for the feet at the bottom of the work.

Fan and Pie incorporates the shape of a pie and a hand-held fan. The colours in the fan are inspired from the colours of the country surrounding Alice Springs and the Northern Territory.

World Fan interprets Tanya’s view of the Australian states and territories. The white negative space shows the curve of a fan but also the world. The states and territories are displayed in different colours representational of the landscapes and natural events that have occurred there.

About the artist

Tanya Crawshaw is an artist based in rural Ganmain. Her practice is influenced by lived experience and the transformation of that encounter into modern abstract works. Tanya has exhibited in 5 Years (2021) at the Wagga Wagga Art Gallery.

This exhibition is part of the IGNITE program for artists who identify as disabled, D/deaf, HOH, chronically ill, neurodiverse or who have lived experience of mental health issues.