Visual Expression

Still Life III by Janette Mills

Visual Expression

The Bunker Studio Artists

Ian Ireland, Dave Chatto, Stephen Quinn, June Roblom, Lea Palij, Vee Malnar, John Geasley, Bill Graham, Shaun Myles, Trevor Lewis, Lea Grunwald, Dennis Mortimer, Janette Mills and Odette Rossouw

Pivot Gallery, Belconnen Arts Centre

Opening: 6pm Friday 1 December 2023

1 December 2023 – 11 February 2024 

Visual Expression paintings, drawings and sculptures by The Bunker Studio Artists – explore an individual visual expression strengthened by a supportive group’s diversity and inclusion.

Stories – fantasies of colour, silent still-life, ‘every day’ – a women’s perspective, environmental concerns, social issues, geometric symbolic design,  individual aesthetic expression – abstract, landscape – a sense of place, etc., are responded to, examined and expressed. The artworks exhibited reference and challenged visual art conventions and processes.

About The Bunker Studio Artists

The Bunker Studio Artists’ (BSA) work is as diverse as the artists. Abstracts expressing an individual aesthetic, detailed still-life examining aspects of objects, social issues, environmental concerns and the ‘self’ are explored.

The BSA has exhibited at the Queanbeyan Hive as a group over the previous three Easters. The group plans future shows for Newcastle, Sydney and at least one regional centre each year.

The artists share many skills, insights and experiences with the group. Sharing develops the group’s philosophy of growing individual visual poetry.

The Bunker Art Studio is located in Queanbeyan.

Facebook: @bunkerartsgroup