VeraFlow with Kelli

VeraFlow with Kelli

2:30-3:30pm Sundays

$12 per class

Pay on arrival. Please arrive 10 mins ahead of class to allow time to pay; credit card or cash accepted.

What is VeraFlow?

VeraFlow is a dance-based stretch class with mindfulness.

Dance, stretch and find your true flow in this unique class experience with added sparkle. Low impact moves, balanced poses, stretching elements and mindfulness exercises will get you in flow.

A variety of stretching techniques are used throughout the class including the more commonly used passive/static techniques but predominantly active techniques are used which have a more lasting and beneficial effect. Music is a crucial element of the class and all routines are choreographed carefully to provide effective flexibility, mobility and balance training all while having fun!

Benefits of VeraFlow include:
• Improved flexibility
• Mindfulness techniques to reduce stress and manage stressful situations
• Reduction and possible elimination of pain caused by muscle tightness and/or imbalance
• Improved posture
• Reduced risk of injury
• Low impact
• Learn to dance
• Improved muscle tone
• Enhanced performance of agility, speed and strength ….and much more!

More info

Visit the VeraFlow website, email Kelli at or call 0417 685 755.