Two Worlds

Oriana Chorale presents

Two Worlds

7:30pm Saturday 20 August 2022

Generator Gallery, Belconnen Arts Centre

Adult $35
Concession $25
Family $80

The Two Worlds program will include music by Stephen Leek, Gordon Hamilton (with William Barton), Michael Atherton, Peter Sculthorpe, Ross Edwards and Dan Walker, as well as the premiere of a new work by Chris Sainsbury and Darryl Griffen specially commissioned for this concert.

The program was developed by a member of the Oriana Chorale and the Music Director, in respectful consultation and engagement with Indigenous people, recognised cultural advisors and local authorities.

Australia is a nation formed from the stories of its peoples over many thousands of years.

The stories start with the first inhabitants and traditional owners of the lands and waters. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are the First Peoples of Australia, and have been here for well over 60,000 years.

The second part of the story is connected to the voyage of James Cook to the east coast of Australia in 1770. The subsequent colonisation by the British had devastating consequences for the First Nations peoples, including dispossession, displacement and extreme hardship.

Australia’s story continues with the journey of millions of people to this island nation, as a result of fleeing conflict or oppression in their own countries, or in search of a better life for themselves and their families. They brought their own cultures, histories and traditions with them, further diversifying the nation.[i]

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the historic Mabo decision, which was the first formal recognition of Indigenous land rights in Australia. We celebrate the First Nations peoples, and their enduring ties to culture, family, community, the land and the waters. We also recognise there are many stories from different worlds that make up Australia today, and the importance of acknowledging our past as a nation, so we can move forward with renewed hope for a reconciled and shared future.