Tai Chi Fundamentals

Tai Chi Fundamentals

9 Week Course with Chris Radnedge

1:15-2:30pm Saturdays 21 October – 16 December 2023

Cost: $300

Dance Studio, Belconnen Arts Centre

Limited to 12 participants. Please enrol early to not miss out. Click interested to enrol on Facebook event.

This Tai Chi Fundamentals Course has been developed by Rehabilitation Specialist Chris Radnedge after 20+ years of training in both Western and Eastern healing methods. 

What you will learn:

  • The building blocks of Tai Chi. 
  • A Short repeating Tai Chi Form which encapsulates what is taught in the course. 
  • How to strengthen your legs with Tai Chi Walking.
  • How to align the Spine, pelvis, knees and feet
  • How relax and sink tension out of the body
  • How to gently quieten the mind so it finds stillness
  • How to maintain the core Tai Chi principles in movement.
  • How to build authentic abdominal breathing
  • How to strengthen your body in the Tai Chi way. 
  • How to correctly support the Spine by using the legs and pelvis as a stable base. 
  • How to balance positive and negative emotional energy as a way to further old injuries. 
  • How to build tangibly build your Energy for life. 
  • How to start living a pain free, stiffness free life again!

Tai Chi has a 400 year history of improving Sleep, posture and overall life contentment. 

Chris has helped 7000+ clients in his busy Soft Tissue Therapy and Bowen Therapy Clinic in Bruce: Restore Muscle Therapy. 

 ***Please note: this course is NOT suitable for Spinal Cord Injuries or Traumatic Brain Injuries.