Sustainable Journals with Michele England

Sustainable Journals

With Michele England

A FREE Infuse Workshop

Supported by our Infuse donors

Gungahlin Arts

Saturday 1 June, 1-4pm, Gunners Place

Belco Arts

Saturday 08 June, 12:30-3:30pm, Generator Gallery

*Participation in these workshops is free for all, but places are strictly limited. We appreciate your support by not booking a place unless you are sure that you will attend. We also ask that you only book into one of the above sessions to make sure that as many people as possible can enjoy this experience.

Participants will learn about materials and tools required plus the method to make a unique book or journal using a Japanese bookbinding technique with a range of reclaimed and recycled papers. This is an easy introductory bookbinding technique where few tools or skills are required. The process can be used to create journals, art books or gifts full of personal meaning.

Materials will be supplied for this workshop, but you are welcome to bring along personal papers if you wish, such as envelopes, used stationary, newspaper, old books or magazines.

About Michele England

Michele is an artist whose work investigates issues regarding the environment in which we depend. Michele is intently interested in making works that engage your eyes, body and mind. Her artistic output is mostly paintings, textiles, printing or small sculpture. The paintings often use a collage aesthetic to combine imagery, painting techniques, pattern and forms. Michele also enjoys combining the practices of art and craft. This pursuit produces works that utilises craft techniques with everyday objects to make interesting metamorphoses and contextual changes to these objects.


Instagram: Eon.Artlife

Facebook: MicheleEnglandArtist

More about our 2024 Infuse workshops

We are all connected to the natural world around us in many ways, and this year, our free infuse workshops focus in on these connections.  

From inspiring awe and wonder for nature through stitching, drawing and watercolours, to exploring creative techniques that have a reduced environmental impact by using recycled materials, Infuse will give you a taste of some of the many ways to bring in a little more connection to nature in your creativity.

Each workshop is led by professional artists who will take to through structured activities that draw from their own creative practices.  Workshops are suitable for people of all levels of creative experience and no prior knowledge is required. 

Workshops are designed with adults in mind, however enthusiastic children and young people are also welcome.  Please note that all children under 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult. 

Infuse is supported by our generous donors, Belco Arts works with artists every day to realise their ambitions and connect them with the community. Through Infuse, you can donate directly to Belco Arts and boost our whole program. This is the perfect way to support Belco Arts as an ambitious, sustainable, welcoming and inclusive arts organisation for years to come. for more information or to contribute, click here