Stupendous Colour

Image credit: Max, 2018.

Stupendous Colour (8-12 years)

with Mary Kayser 

2-4pm Saturday

8 August – 12 September 2020

Cost: $215


Come experiment with colour in this exciting new workshop with artist Mary Kayser. Using colour is often one of the most exciting aspects of painting.  There are so many approaches to the use of colour in art. In this workshop, you will try using colour on different surfaces and explore both thick and thin paint colours, using brushes and other tools experimenting with different techniques. You will learn about the colour wheel and mixing colours and be inspired by artists from the past and the present. Design, make and paint!

About Mary Kayser

Professional artist and educator Mary Kayser, has formal teaching qualifications, a four-year degree in Visual Art and over 25 years of experience teaching creative art and sculpture workshops, from preschool through to adults. For the last six years, Mary has been creating and teaching the Big Art Adventures program at Belconnen Arts Centre.

She has been the recipient of a number of art awards and grants for her art practice. Mary is inspired by the natural environment, its contrasts and how living things are intricately connected.  Science also shapes her thinking as do the simple aspects of everyday life. The material she uses has a story and she works with them to compose forms that poetically describe concepts, themes and her observations.

She is a creative nurturer who believes offering opportunities to explore individual creativity is extremely important, for all ages. This drives her passion to share her many well-developed skills.


Weeks 1 and 2:
Explore the colour wheel and experiment with creating many colours from the three primary colours. Design and draw a picture from your imagination or something you see around you. Try thin paints for the background, explore using thicker paint for the mid and foregrounds; then work your colours and details in.

Weeks 3 and 4:
Learn how to stretch your own watercolour paper onto a board. Explore using watercolours on quality watercolour papers.  Experiment with blending and spreading the colours with water. Work from my still life or choose your own design to work with. On your pre-stretched watercolour paper, create a background and then work it’s mid and foreground. 

Week 5:
Design and create a three-dimensional relief using wooden shapes and pieces. Learn/be reminded how to use the glue guns safely. Decide where to colour the surface and how it will be displayed. You might like to embellish the surface with coloured paper clay.  Will there be textures included and other embellishments?

Week 6:
Complete all artworks then display for the end of term exhibition.