Strong Women

Works by the Strong Women's Group
Works by the Strong Women’s Group.

Strong Women

Strong Women’s Group: Pat Cornish, Lee-anne Daley, Narelle Hutching, Meryn Kennedy, Naomi Knotting, Angela Pisciotta, Meg Price and Chloe Spratt

The Window

29 June – 15 August 2021

Strong Women’s Group is for women who are parents, carers, aunties and grandmas of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children. Strong Women’s Group focuses on community connectedness and providing local women with an opportunity to socialise regularly and engage in activities addressing art, culture, self-care, health and wellbeing. The pieces of art were done by the women at home during the 2020 COVID-19 shutdown, with most sessions conducted on digital platforms. The women also met for a couple of sessions face-to-face towards the end of 2020, held at Belconnen Arts Centre.

The ladies decided to produce individual woven pieces at home which would be combined into one art piece when the group returned to face to face meetings. The centrepiece represents the group and the women meeting together, the hands reflect the support the women provide to each other, and the pathways are journeys travelled and the Canberra region. The piece demonstrates the strength and unique skills of the women and the group; the women are very proud of their work and are proud to share it. It will be hung and displayed permanently at the West Belconnen Children and Family Centre.