Stop Motion Filmmaking

Stop Motion Filmmaking with Giovanni and Eleanor

Stop Motion Filmmaking

With Giovanni Aguilar Gutierrez and Eleanor Evans

Online, 6-8pm Thursdays

25 February – 1 April 2021

$265 per person

Materials to be supplied by participants. See list below.

Over the course of this workshop series participants will be working together to make a short stop motion film and learn the process of animated filmmaking from beginning to end. Eleanor and Giovanni will lead students through the process of brainstorming, writing, storyboarding, animating and editing a short film as well as explaining how to share your short film with an audience using film festivals.

Through the process of stop motion filmmaking workshop, participants will learn the skills they need to continue animating, including how to use the stop motion application on their smartphone and the basic principles of animation. This course is suitable for complete beginners as well as people who have tried stop motion before and want to expand their skills.

Required materials:

  • Smartphone
  • Stop Motion Studio Pro phone app ($8.99)
  • Stable workspace
  • Desk lamp or ring light
  • Tripod with smartphone attachment
  • 500g block of plasticine in a colour of your choice
  • Notebook and pen

Workshop Content

Week 1: Introduction to Stop Motion
In this class, participants will learn the basics of setting up to create stop motion animation at home. Students will make their own home animation set up and learn how to use the application Stop Motion Studio Pro.

Week 2: Animation Principles
Most animation follows a series of simple rules called the 12 principles of animation. These basic principles help animation look smooth, have a sense of reality and gravity. Participants will learn about these basic principles and how they apply to stop motion animation. Students will learn about these principles in hands-on animation activities they can do at home.

Week 3: Writing and Storyboarding
Through brainstorming as a class, participants will work together to write a short film and work on a storyboard.

Weeks 4 & 5: Shooting and Animating
Animation demonstrations will be adapted to suit the storyboard that the class made in week three. Participants will each animate a couple of the shots from the storyboard, with the instructors creating demonstrations relevant to the film the class is animating.

Week 6: Editing and Film Festival Submissions
By the beginning of week six, students will have completed the shots required for the class film and will provide them to the instructors. Instructors will demonstrate the editing process and participants will learn about how to put a film together. The class will learn how to submit short films to festivals and how to share their work with an audience.

About Giovanni and Eleanor

Giovanni Aguilar Gutierrez is originally from Barranquilla, Colombia. He is a passionate artist and musician. Giovanni studied graphic design at Universidad Autónoma del Caribe in Barranquilla. After graduating Giovanni worked as a graphic design teacher, illustrator and art director.

Eleanor Evans is a Canberra based artist who is passionate about combining animation and music into one seamless art form. This interest has taken her to a place she never expected, developing mathematical equations to combine music and animation into loops and audiovisual polyrhythms.

Eleanor and Giovanni met in 2016 while studying animation in Barcelona, where they both graduated with Masters in Stop Motion Animation from the University of Central Catalonia, BAU Design College. Since moving to Canberra at the beginning of 2019 they have been working together on various projects in their home studio. In 2019 their music video Imaginé won Best Music Video at the Canberra Short Film Festival and Best National Music Video at the Bogota Music Video Awards.

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