Slow Stitching

Slow Stitching

With Kirandeep Grewal

10am-12pm Wednesdays

28 October – 2 December 2020

$250 per person

Includes all materials

Slow Stitching is designed to make you pause and reflect while you learn what joy a simple stitch can give. Hand stitches create magic; there is no such thing as a mistake when you take the thread for a walk on your fabric sampler (20cm x 20cm). Through tea/coffee staining, you will learn that creativity can easily be found within your immediate surroundings. The final sampler will bring all the learning from the workshops together, and samplers will be joined together for display during the 2021 Gungahlin Festival.

Workshop Content

Week 1
Introduction to slow stitching with running stitch. Preparing the sampler and how to explore the stitch on the sampler by varying the stitch direction, size and its distance.

Week 2
Introduction to backstitch on a sampler, exploring the stitch by varying its size, distance, thread weight and direction.

Week 3
Introduction to couching stitch on a sampler, exploring the stitch by trapping different sized objects, using different weight threads, different stitch size, direction and distance.

Week 4
Introduction to tea/coffee stains and dyeing on a sampler, finishing off previous weeks’ work.

Week 5
Tearing the fabric, staining it with tea/coffee, joining it together and layering with stitches learnt.

Week 6
Tearing, tea/coffee staining and patching. Participants will have their images ready to go on two final pieces. In this piece, all the learning will come alive. One piece from each student will be retained by Belco Arts and stitched together, ready for a public display at the 2021 Gungahlin Festival.

About Kirandeep Grewal

Kirandeep Grewal has been working as a full-time artist for the past 25 years. She is a multi-disciplinary (visual and textile) artist and an art educator, who has been based in Australia for the past 20 years but completed an art and design qualification on the other side of the world, in Wales. Kiran currently lives in Canberra but has travelled throughout the country, being continually inspired by its unique flora and fauna.

Since February 2020, Kiran has been the organiser for the Migrant Women’s Art Group, supported by Gungahlin Arts. In the 2019 ASOC Spring Exhibition, Kiran won third prize in acrylics for her entry Under Fire. In 2015, she was a facilitator for Artist by the River Projects 7 and 8 in Perth, WA. Through this project, art was made accessible for adults with mild to severe disabilities. She was recognised by the Rotary Club of Swan Valley, Western Australia, for her dedication towards the project. Kiran has exhibited in Launceston, Hobart, Esperance, Perth and Canberra. In 2000, she also participated in a national touring exhibition of contemporary art with CAST Victoria. For her first solo exhibition in Cardiff, she received a grant from Moving Pictures and the Arts Council of Wales, and was also part of the Women’s Art Festival in 1997, supported by the Arts Council of Wales.

Kiran runs her own online art business, Kiran Design Studio. Follow Kiran on Twitter and Instagram.

More info

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