Sloth by Emma-Kate McDonald
Sloth by Emma-Kate McDonald.


Emma-Kate McDonald

16 March – 14 June 2021

Ann Harding Conference Centre
Foyer, Bldg 24, University of Canberra, University Drive South, Bruce ACT

Opening hours
9am-5pm Mon-Thurs
9am-4pm Fri

Seven is a response to the Hieronymus Bosch paintings depicting the Seven Deadly Sins. Each image depicts a subjective interpretation of Wrath, Gluttony, Greed, Pride, Envy, Sloth, and Lust. Gluttony responds to the artist’s struggles with an eating disorder and represents gluttony in a literal sense as an abuse of hunger and food in the artist’s life. In this way the work reflects the artist’s own subjective experiences of these themes and is not a condemnation but an attempt at compassionately engaging with ideas that exist in a complex grey area in today’s world, as they perhaps always have. Emma has worked in watercolour and gouache to develop work completed during Covid lockdown in 2020.

About the artist

Emma-Kate McDonald is a graduate of ANU School of Art and Design, where she studied Painting as an under-graduate. After a long period of ill health, she is beginning to show work again. Emma has attended IGNITE for three years and has exhibited with the IGNITE: Gallery program. She has lived experience of complex mental illness and disability, and has worked as an art teacher and peer facilitator for three years.

Emma works in varied mediums in both painting and drawing. Collage and the use of text is a reoccurring theme in her work. She is interested in evoking literature and music, particularly poetry, in the way she chooses her subject matter and how she works with the materiality of her mediums and surfaces.

This exhibition is part of the IGNITE program for artists who identify as disabled, D/deaf, HOH, chronically ill, neurodiverse or who have lived experience of mental health issues.