Sensory Curiosities

Sensory Curiosities with Mariana del Castillo
Untitled by Mariana del Castillo.

Sensory Curiosities

With Mariana del Castillo

6-8:30pm Wednesdays

19 May – 23 June 2021

$280 per person

Includes all materials. Participants to bring aprons, water to drink and covered toe shoes.

Join multidisciplinary artist Mariana del Castillo and visually explore the natural world, using a pierced paper technique to create sensory drawings. This cathartic process can be turned into three-dimensional forms and constructions.

Workshop Content

Week 1
Participants will create their own piercing tools using a variety of metals, cotton and found driftwood. These materials will be individually selected to construct a comfortable and functional tool. They will explore the limitations and possible techniques with their tools.

Weeks 2-3
Participants will be introduced to tying techniques to create bundles of various papers and natural materials, including windfall leaves and flowers. These bundles will be boiled to produce imprints and stains. When dried, these eco prints will form the foundation for the constructions.

Weeks 4-5
Participants will explore the medium of meditative sensory drawing and composition using piercing, marking, cutting, shaping and drawing techniques. They will turn these sensory drawings into unique three-dimensional sculptures.

Week 6
Participants will have built up a collection of experimental samples and artefacts alongside sensory drawings. To conclude, ways to display and present these objects will be explored.

Mariana del Castillo

About Mariana del Castillo

Mariana del Castillo graduated with a Bachelor of Arts at the ANU School of Art & Design in 1989. In 2020, she was invited to be a Research Assistant for the Faculty of Arts and Design, University of Canberra. She has mentored and tutored BIGHART –Project O, Cooma; the Australian Defence Force Arts for Recovery program at UC; she was Concept Costume Designer for ‘Red Dress’ production, Denmark; and she facilitated two workshops in Mental Health Week 2019 for Gungahlin Arts, and on two separate occasions facilitated workshops for IGNITE. Her works are in private and corporate collections across Australia, UK, Ecuador, USA, Germany and Denmark.

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