Emergence of Materials and Self

Whirlpools (detail) by Natalie Hill

Emergence of Materials and Self

Natalie Hill

Generator Gallery, Belconnen Arts Centre

Opening: 6pm Friday 5 April 2024

Exhibition: 5 April – 19 May 2024

This collection is of Intuitive impressionistic abstracts born of high energy and playing with a multitude of glorious materials.  

Nothing is more enjoyable than the process of playing with multiple materials and techniques, to produce works that speak to me, I feel I am helping the materials to find their cohesiveness together to tell their story.  The process is mostly quick and high energy, other times they need to rest before coming together into a piece that makes sense to me. I work on several pieces at once letting them bounce off each other to find not only contrast but sameness within.  I want the viewer to see the joy I had in creating the piece. 

About Natalie Hill

I’m most passionate about play, I’m a mixed media artist, nothing beats going into my studio and seeing what’s around me and being inspired.  I use a lot of different materials, my process involves reaching for whatever tool, material or particular colour that is calling to me at any given time. I love to experiment with new techniques.  

It’s satisfying when a piece comes together as it wants to, I let the work speak to me and we go off on journeys together to create abstracted landscapes and images.  

Instagram: @batnataz