RollerFit Dance

RollerFit Dance workshops

Presented by RollerFit ACT

Adults Self-directed Roller Dance Training:
Saturdays, 4:30 – 6:00pm

Roller Dance Workshops:

Around a decade ago, Rollerfit started as a group of women who wanted to get fit rolling around on basketball courts. Now, due to the appeal of our classes, we have locations all across the East Coast of Australia – including Belco Arts in Canberra, ACT on Ngunnawal Country!

Join your RollerFit instructors Matt and Amelia (@two_wheelers on Instagram) and Zeb (@zebbyzbliss on Instagram) to learn the amazing style of roller dance! Roller dance, also known as rhythm skating, has deep roots in Black North American culture. This unique style combines different steps, turns and individual moves to get multiple skaters flowing and moving in synch. 

We offer a mix of Roller Dance workshops and self-directed dance training at the Belco Arts Dance Studio. Check out for the latest timetable and booking information!Please note: If you are brand new to skating or returning after a long hiatus, we recommend you check out our learn to skate classes before giving Roller Dance a try – check out the timetable at In our learn to skate and all levels classes you can expect to learn foundational skills to get you up and moving on skates safely, mixed in with fitness exercises to assist your progress.

Timetable & Booking Link:

Instagram: @rollerfit | @two_wheelers | @zebbyzbliss