Rivett Public Art Installation

Rivett Public Art Installation

See the artwork from 23 August, at the corner of Hibiscus Crescent and Bangalay Crescent, Rivett

Belco Arts is thrilled to be partnering with the TCCS Infrastructure Delivery Team, Sport and Recreation Facilities team and Accessible Arts on a new public art project. Four IGNITE artists have been invited to display their work in Rivett on a new above ground water meter cabinet, with a commitment of an ongoing permanent arrangement for the community to enjoy.

Shelter in Place by Henry Shawcross

Henry Shawcross is a Canberra-based artist. With a life-long interest in textiles he returned to visual art as self-expression when experiencing chronic illness. He explores the therapeutic and meditative benefits of repetition and attention to detail in stitching, drawing and print-making. He currently undertaking a Bachelor of Visual Arts at ANU.

Instagram: @hgws77

Image description: This is a square image with the top left-hand corner textured grey and pale blue with speckles of purple. From the top right-hand corner going downwards towards the bottom left-hand corner is textured green, blue and yellow. The texture is made up of a mix of strokes and small dots. In the foreground, there is a yellow arc that comes from the top right-hand corner towards the centre of the square and then bends back towards the bottom right-hand corner. In the centre of the arc, there is a yellow cylinder shape with a small red curve at the bottom and two blue squares above it.

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How close must one get to hear the mountain whisper? by Lan Nguyen-hoan

Born in Canberra in the 1980s, Lan Nguyen-hoan sought solace in making art while working through the challenges of racism, introversion, and self-doubt. This led to a Bachelor and a PhD in Visual Art. Through her practice, Lan uses landscapes as metaphors to express her experience with mental illness.

Instagram: @lan.nguyenhoan

Image description: This is a digital image in four panels, portrait style. The background covers the top two thirds of the images and fades from dark sky blue at the top of the image to pale blue at the peak of jagged peaks which resemble a snow-capped mountain range running over the four images. The tops of the peaks have small white hexagonal shapes dotted about which reflect snow nestled into the mountain crevices. The mountains themselves are depicted with montages of photographs of long-needled pine trees.

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Creep by Megan Munro

Megan Munro is a multi-disciplinary artist, working in a range of mediums from performance to crochet, to digital works.  They are a queer, disabled person and their works reflect different aspects of their daily life and identities. 

Instagram: @meganmunro1968

Website: www.arachneart.com

Image description: A digital drawing that is in layers and semi-abstract. It is in blues, purples, some oranges, white and black. It has a silhouette in the middle which is a person wearing a bonnet. The shape is filled with different coloured elongated shapes. This is actually gut bacteria. To the right of the figure and nearly all around it is lots of squiggly lines in different colours. To the left is a patch of shapes that are different oranges. 

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Seaview by Jimalyn Lawless

Jimalyn Lawless has lived in Belconnen since her marriage in 1980. In that time she has participated in numerous arts programs including IGNITE at Belco Arts and had her work exhibited across Canberra. Jimalyn works between digital and traditional aspects of the art world.

Image description: This is a digital artwork. There are layers of swirling shades and fluid colour, like clouds, smoke, or ink in water. In the centre, running from left to right is a tendril of dark, mossy green. Underneath, the image transitions from blue at the top to light grey at the bottom, made up of layered, billowing ripples of sky blue, aqua, wispy white and hazy grey.

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