Renegotiating the Landscape

Renegotiating Lake Eyre (detail) by Silvi Glattauer. Photogravure, 56 x 76cm, Edition of 10. Image courtesy of the artist.

Renegotiating the Landscape

Silvi Glattauer

Megalo Print Studio

Opening Saturday 26 March 2022

26 March – 7 May 2022

Renegotiating the Landscape deals with the issue of human intervention in the landscape across remote regions of the world.

“Locations have been chosen in areas where I feel a sense of belonging and connection to landscape – these places play a vital role informing my identity. There are very few natural places left on earth that have not been imposed on, altered and degraded by humankind. I recognise my own contribution and struggle with this realisation.”

“The material process of photogravure gives me the opportunity to consider and ponder the subject and intentions, a combination of photography and traditional etching. Through an abstracted representation of the image, you are invited to detach from the beauty of the grand vista found in traditional landscape photography. My interference with pictorial compositions echoes the course of nature’s flow, resonating with the preciousness of these landscapes that are being renegotiated by our interventions” – Silvi Glattauer

Where to see the exhibition:

Megalo Print Studio

21 Wentworth Ave, Kingston, ACT, 9:30am – 5pm, Tuesday – Saturday

Supported by the Visual Arts and Crafts Strategy through the Australia Council of the Arts
National Capital Authority