Light, Refraction and Reflection

Nick (detail) by Peter Nilsson
Nick (detail) by Peter Nilsson.

Light, Refraction and Reflection

With Peter Nilsson

Part of Sunday Series: Drawing

11am-3pm Sunday 7 March 2021

$160 per person

Includes all materials.
This workshop is part of a focused series on drawing, taught by an array of professional artists. You can enrol in one, two or as many workshops from the series as you like.

Learn easy steps to create space, illusions of refraction and three dimensions in a drawing. We will spend the first hour going through some ways of creating pictures, and how the old masters did it. How different ways of light in darkness and reflections are suitable, or when it is better to reduce the use of light and darkness in general.

Teaching will be on a person to person level, focusing on the level of experience of the participant, and expected outcomes. The participants can choose to do one or several studies of different settings such as transparent or opaque objects, shiny surfaces or making portraits of each other.

We will use lead pencils, coloured pencils, coloured paper and dry pastel, for fast and flexible results. At the end of the class, we will go through what we have learned and look at each other’s works.

About Peter Nilsson

Peter Nilsson was born in rural Sweden near the village of Orrefors and its famous Glassworks. With that surrounding, glass became the most natural material to use if you were interested in design. Peter studied art history and ethnology at university, working as an artist and freelance designer for Bsweden and Nybro Crystal after graduating. He taught at the Swedish National Glass School for nine years; the last five years as the head teacher.
He moved to Australia with his partner in September 2010. Since then Peter has been working as a freelance glass artist, living in Canberra ACT.

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