Works from Precious by Cam Michael. Photo: Andrew Sikorski.


Cam Michael

Opening 6pm Friday 1 April 2022

1 April – 15 May 2022

Precious is a visual exploration of the changing of value and perception and how this is altered by time, place, memory and material. It started with a drink can morphing into cast glass and digital watercolour to represent my experiences of the ACT container deposit scheme at my CIT grad show. On another level, the can is a metaphor for my queer disabled body, an alternative vessel with redefined potential. Over 2020-2022, I researched translating my small digital works into two large paintings (each work larger than a standard car park space where I painted them) learning how to use spray paint and layered stencils. I received a creative endeavour grant from Canberra transport and city services for research, materials, mentorship with Canberra street artist Scowza and to have photographer Andrew Sikorski document my progress over a year. These works document my experience finding my place as an emerging artist amid the pandemic and the value of relationships forged with other local artists.

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About Cam Michael:

I am an emerging mixed media artist interested in social inclusion, working with themes of redefining value, potential, and relationships between personal identity and perception in the spaces we inhabit.

My work is broadly informed through life experiences of disability, being a carer for others, living in Australia but growing up elsewhere, and identifying as LGBTIQ. Things that are not always visible or seen as valuable by others in society. As a result, I have been interested in the value of the perspective of the ‘other’ and the benefits of social inclusion and new perspectives.


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