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Positive Poster Lab

Positive Poster Lab

Make your poster

Hi there!
Welcome to Positive Poster Lab.
We’re extending an open invitation for YOU to take some time out of your day to do some mindful making.

“Sounds great”
“How do I get involved?”

Positive Poster Lab is about dedicating a little time to being creative, to tuning-in to yourself, and exploring what you need right now, in this moment. Carve out a space in which to play.  Sit down, take a deep breath and think about the message that your body most needs to hear right now. Or perhaps you’d rather think about the message that the world most needs to hear, or a phrase that needs to be released from your body.  

All of these are fine. Breathe in and breathe out.  

Write the message down. Now you can turn it into a poster. 

You can use whatever materials you have on hand. Office paper, newspaper, textas, a ballpoint pen, scissors, glue, poster paints, an empty cereal box, your computer – anything you can find!  

Take a moment to collect your materials and lay them out in front of you.  

Now let yourself play. Get your statement down onto the page and decorate it any way that you would like.  

Stick it somewhere where it’s useful to you – maybe the toilet door, your letterbox, the fridge or your desktop. 

Watch Positive Poster Lab artists Sally Holliday and Tom Campbell doing some lockdown making in this video:

Share your Experience

We’d love to see what you are doing. And maybe there’s someone else out there who needs to hear your message too.   

Pop a photo of your message, your poster or your process up on Instagram and tag us @PositivePosterLab or #PositivePosterLab so we can repost. Or DM us a photo of your work so we can share.

If you don’t use Instagram, but you’d like to share, email your photo directly to michele@belcoarts.com.au or text it to 0403 929 739 and we will post it for you.

Need a bit more inspiration for your poster? 

Join Tom and Sally online from 10-11:30am on Sunday 17 October for a free virtual working bee, where you can respond to prompts from the artists and activate your creative play space: read more and register here.

Follow @PositivePosterLab on Instagram to see what others are doing.

Check out the poster prompt sheet here.

Positive Poster Lab is presented by Gungahlin Arts as part of the Creative Minds Festival, with the support of Mental Health Month ACT and This is My Brave Australia. 

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The Fine Print 

  • Participating in the project, and submission to the Instagram page is open to all ages and people from any geographic location.
  • The @PositivePosterLab page is a safe space for all. Threatening, offensive, explicit, discriminatory or hurtful content won’t be reposted. Belco Arts reserves the right not to display works.  
  • There is no limit to the number of submissions an individual can make to the Instagram page.
  • Photographs that feature people must only be submitted to the Instagram page with the consent of those featured in the images. 
  • There is a no entry fee to be part of this project.
  • All works submitted to the Instagram page must relate to the theme and be the original work of the submitter.  
  • Tagging an image with @PositivePosterLab or #PositivePosterLab or DMing @PositivePosterLab on Instagram indicates that consent is given to include the images in an online exhibition and for the purposes of display, publicity and in promotional materials. Consent to these activities is also implied if a submission is emailed. 
  • No artworks will be for sale through this exhibition.   
  • Submissions will be credited with the submitter’s Instagram handle if submitted via Instagram or full name if submitted via email. Submitters who would like to remain anonymous are welcome, but please indicate that this is your preference.
  • The @PositivePosterLab Instagram page will be actively managed until 31 December 2021 and new submissions are welcome up until this date. After this, the project will be archived. The Instagram page will still be publicly accessible, but new submissions will not be uploaded after this time.