Pretty Little Porcelain

Pretty Little Porcelain
Untitled by Jo Townsend.

Pretty Little Porcelain

With Jo Townsend

10am-12:30pm Thursdays

25 February – 1 April 2021

$255 per person

Includes all materials
Participants to bring own apron, notebook and camera
Optional: Participants welcome to bring own clay tool kit

In this workshop, you will explore the making of small objects out of porcelain. Porcelain is a particularly beautiful and rather tricky clay to use. The projects in this course are all hand-built using the simplest of techniques and requiring minimal technology. By working through each project you will learn how to handle porcelain to get the best results.

Workshop Content

Week 1: Small bowls
Forming teasing shaped bowls, adding foot rings, legs or handles. Getting to know the way porcelain responds to being worked. Simple surface decoration with coloured slips.

Week 2: Flowers
Pinching out petals and joining together forming flowers, or small bowls using underglazes to decorate.

Week 3: Birds
Forming small birds (i.e. blue wrens) by joining two pinch pots, adding tails and beaks and sculpting wings and eyes. Adding finishing details to bisque work from previous weeks, and preparing it for glazing. Jo will clear glaze and fire the work.

Week 4: Tea-lights
Rolling out an even slab, compressing the slab, adding texture using natural and manufactured items (i.e. leaves and lace). Handling and joining the soft slabs. Adding colour with underglazes.

Week 5: Slab dishes
Rolling out an even slab, compressing the slab. Using paper and commercial stencils as revisits for slip application. Handling the slab to minimise warpage and cracking. Using found items as moulds.

Weeks 6: Spoons
Pinching out spoon bowls and adding handles. Exploring options for handle design and decoration with underglazes. Preparing any remaining work for firing and/or glazing. Continue working on your reduction-cut, carving and printing subsequent layers until completion.

Jo Townsend

About Jo Townsend

Josephine Townsend is an eclectic ceramic artist making sculptural and functional works as well as porcelain jewellery. Her work is influenced by the colour, forms and repeating patterns of nature. She is a highly experienced teacher of adults and young people. She worked as an art teacher in Canberra schools for 20 years. She was also Education Program Manager at Canberra Potters’ Society for 4 years, developing a strong and varied program of ceramics classes for all ages and skill levels.

She is now focussed on her own artistic practice, with her functional work and jewellery being sold in a number of Canberra outlets. She is also busy preparing for upcoming exhibitions.

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