Kristie Peters

Coming Together by Kristie Peters
Coming Together by Kristie Peters.

Kristie Peters

Kristie Peters is the artist behind the incredible artwork, titled Coming Together, featured on this year’s NAIDOC in the North posters. Kristie is a Wiradjuri artist who runs Yarrudhamarra Creations – an Aboriginal owned and family run business that has been providing opportunities for people to learn and experience the rich beauty of Australian Indigenous art and culture since 2018.

The name Yarrudhamarra is a Wiradjuri word meaning ‘dream.’  which underpins Kristie’s mission to make dreams into reality, coming together and creating positive futures.

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Artwork Statement

“This artwork represents coming together and connecting with people around you, celebrating and sharing what you have to give. The ‘U’ shapes/symbols represent people you will/have crossed paths with, uplifting each other’s spirits and determination in all aspects of life. The circles represent a meeting place where we all come together in our community as we support each other, building mutual respect and understanding as we continue to shape a better future.”