Paper Worlds

Paper Worlds with Ellis Hutch
The river diary by Ellis Hutch, photo by Martin Ollman

Paper Worlds

Constructing installations with paper, video and sound

With Ellis Hutch

10:30am-2:30pm Sunday 27 June 2021

$160 per person

Includes all materials.

In this exciting workshop, participants will be guided through the creation of mixed-media installations using paper, video and sound. Participants will be introduced to the work of a range of contemporary artists for inspiration and given instruction in techniques for making small and large-scale origami objects.

In the second part of the workshop, participants will work in groups or individually to create a paper installation that incorporates video projections and sound recordings. Small data projectors and speakers will be provided and their use supervised so participants can improvise with mobile sound and imagery to create playful and interactive sculptural installations.

Ellis Hutch

About Ellis Hutch

Ellis Hutch is a Canberra-based artist who works across the realms of drawing, photography, printmaking, performance, video and sculpture.

Ellis loves drawing people’s attention to small things that go unnoticed, and giving them the opportunity to take time out from their daily lives to be immersed in art that feeds the senses and provokes deep, reflective thought.

One of Ellis’ favourite materials is paper – for its simplicity and the endless possibilities it generates. Recently she has been creating large-scale origami objects in conjunction with video projections and sound to create meditative and poetic performances and installations.

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