Dhawura Ngunnawal Dreaming

Pots by Loretta Halloran

Pots by Loretta Halloran.

Dhawura Ngunnawal Dreaming
Ngunnawal Country Dreaming

Loretta Halloran

21 August – 25 October 2020

The Window

“I started to build those pots with my hands when I remembered my father.”

This is Loretta Halloran’s first solo exhibition, celebrating her love of working with clay and connection to her Ngunnawal culture. Her work represents the Ngunnawal river systems, infused by memories of her childhood, in particular her father. These works are all from private collections.

About Loretta Halloran

Loretta Halloran

Loretta Halloran.

Loretta Halloran, a Senior Ngunnawal Elder, grew up in ‘Hollywood’ a mission just outside of Yass. It was during her childhood that Loretta learnt her Ngunnawal roots of spirituality, art, storytelling and singing. She continues to pass on and share her knowledge and love of her culture with her eight children, 14 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren.

Loretta found her love of pottery in her fifties and completed her Certificate IV at Tumut TAFE. It was during this time she found her language in clay and firmly positioned it within her Ngunnawal culture, inspired by the father who taught her how all things, such as the trees, rivers, stars and moon, were interconnected. He taught her how to fish when the fish got sleepy; how to trap rabbits and swim in the Yass River, and about Ngunnawal culture.

Arthritis made it difficult to use a pottery wheel, so she resorted to hand building. This enabled her to replicate the lines of the river through the use a simple garlic crusher, and having no kiln herself, she baked the pots in a communal kiln at Tumut Potter’s Society.

Loretta’s work beautifully captures her connection to her father, her country, the adventures enjoyed and the stories he told her.