Migrant Women’s Art Group

Migrant Women’s Art Group
With Kiran Grewal

10am-12pm Tuesday (fortnightly)

11 Feb / 25 Feb / 10 March / 24 March / 7 April
Common Ground, 130 The Valley Avenue, Gungahlin

Through these workshops, each participant will reflect on the personal journey that has been made to arrive in and enrich Australia. Workshops will evoke empathy, thoughts and compassion for everyone – their love for the old country that they have left behind, the new country that receives them, and how and why they left. Migrant women from all cultural backgrounds will share their creative skills and learn new skills from the group, while making new social connections within their local community in Gungahlin. The theme for this project will be ‘Belonging,’ with final works created to be auctioned to raise funds for the Bushfire Appeal.

About Kiran Grewal

Kiran Grewal
Kiran Grewal

Kiran Grewal has been working as a full-time artist for the past 25 years. She is a multi-disciplinary (visual and textile) artist and an art educator. Kiran has been based in Australia for the past 20 years but completed an art and design qualification on the other side of the world in Wales (UK). Kiran currently lives Canberra but has travelled throughout Australia, being continually inspired by its unique flora and fauna.

In the 2019 Artists Society of Canberra Spring Exhibition, Kiran won third prize in acrylics for her entry Under Fire. In 2015, she was a facilitator for Artist by the River projects 7 and 8 in Perth, WA. Through this project, art was made accessible for adults with a range of disabilities, and she was recognised by the Rotary Club of Swan Valley for her dedication towards the project. Kiran has exhibited in Launceston, Hobart, Esperance, Perth and Canberra, and she now runs her own art business under the KiranDesigns® banner, facilitating silk painting workshops and art classes for adults and children.


Session 1: Tuesday 11 February

The group’s first session will be a day of introductions and getting to know the creative skills of each participant. Drawing along with music.

Session 2: Tuesday 25 February

Group reconnects before the class starts. Participants are encouraged to converse about their journey in groups of two. Each participant draws an object from their homeland.

Session 3: Tuesday 10 March

Still life drawing from collections of fabrics, imagery and items from around the world (from participants’ old home and new home). Experimentation with images in their visual diaries.

Session 4: Tuesday 24 March

Participants will continue to experiment with images and still life drawings of items from around the world. Brief Introduction to colour.  

Session 5: Tuesday 7 April

Creating collaborative art work in groups of two. Learning new techniques from each other and applying new skills within the art work.



All materials will be provided.


You are welcome to turn up to the first class if you are interested in joining the group. If you would like more information or would like to register your interest, please contact:

Michele Grimston
Gungahlin Programs Officer
michele@belcoarts.com.au | 02 6173 3302