Making Messy Masks

Making Messy Masks

Making Messy Masks

With Mary Kayser

10am-12pm or 1-3pm Saturdays

20 – 27 March 2021

$99 per person

Includes all materials
Suitable for ages 8-12 years
Participants to wear old clothes, closed shoes; bring own apron and water bottle

Design and make a unique theatrical mask! Draw the face you might like to wear and colour with pastels. Will your design be an animal, insect, funny monster or an imaginative face? Explore making your design three-dimensionally. Learn some skills in modelling clay over a plaster form. Will your mask tell a story?

Workshop Content

Week 1
Design a face to make. Draw the front view and its profile. Use colour if you want. Model clay over a plaster form using hands and modelling tools to create your unique three-dimensional mask design. Quick workers can begin to create a cast from their clay mask.

Week 2
Paint and decorate with a variety of coloured materials, creating your fabulous unique mask. Invent your own way to show off your creation. Glue guns will be available if required to add any special features.

Mary Kayser

About Mary Kayser

Professional artist and educator Mary Kayser has formal teaching qualifications, a four-year degree in Visual Art and over 25 years’ experience teaching creative art and sculpture workshops, from preschool through to adults. For the last five years, Mary has been creating and teaching art programs for Belconnen Arts Centre. She has been the recipient of a number of art awards and grants for her art practice.

Mary is inspired by the natural environment, its contrasts and how living things are intricately connected. Science also shapes her thinking as do the simple aspects of everyday life. The materials she uses has a story and she works with them to compose forms that poetically describe concepts, themes and her observations.

She is a creative nurturer who believes offering opportunities to explore individual creativity are extremely important for all ages. This drives her passion to share her many well-developed skills.

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