Light and Substance

Gold and Blue Catenary (detail) by Kirstin Guenther

Light and Substance

Robyn Campbell & Kirstin Guenther

West Gallery, Belconnen Arts Centre

Opening: 6pm Friday 24 May 2024

Exhibition: 24 May – 7 July 2024

Robyn Campbell and Kirstin Guenther have a three-decade connection as artists, bound by similar conceptual approaches and aesthetic sensibilities.

Kirstin uses transparent silk fabric, translucent kozo paper, heavy watercolour paper and plywood with a combination of ink, watercolour, oil pastels and acrylic paints.  She works with tools, sourced from the region surrounding her studio such as Casuarina fronds, feathers and grasses, to apply marks. Kirstin is interested in natural forms such as the catenary curve, waves and particles, and how time and motion create unique images.

Robyn trained as a glass artist. This work uses the refractive and reflective qualities of cast glass, combined with the strong forms and patinated surfaces of aged, mainly metal, objects.  She is a collector and these old, accumulated bits and pieces become part of her artwork. The objects carry a hidden history. It is important to Robyn that, within the artworks, the collected pieces are added to, but otherwise remain unchanged. Robyn’s work was supported by the Creative Australia during a residency at Canberra Glassworks in 2022.

Whilst Kirstin’s and Robyn’s work contrast materially, technically and in their approach; the interplay between light and substance, translucence and density, unites their work.

About the artists

Robyn Campbell and Kirstin Guenther graduated from Bachelors of Arts (visual) degrees at the Australian National University in 1993. Robyn specialised in Glass whilst Kirstin focussed on Textiles. Both artists maintain home based studio’s in Canberra. The exhibition , ‘Light and Substance’ speaks to our shared visual language exploring the contrast between translucence and density. This visual and conceptual pursuit is central to both artists practices.

About Robyn Campbell

Robyn Campbell graduated from a Bachelor of Arts (visual) degree at the Australian National University in 1993, majoring in Glass. She went on to establish a studio and artistic career in Canberra, exhibiting nationally and internationally while completing local projects and being deeply involved in the region’s arts community.

From 2000 Robyn moved away from her professional art practice and later completed an Advanced Diploma in Building Design, working for several years in a local architectural firm. From 2013 Robyn returned to making through ceramics, and now has a studio in Canberra where she creates sculptural work using clay, glass, and other materials.

Robyn exhibits regularly, with solo exhibitions in each of the last three years and another planned for February 2024. In recent years she has been the recipient of several local awards for her ceramics. In 2022 Robyn undertook an Australia Council supported artist residency at The Canberra Glassworks, where she developed a body of sculptural work combining metal and glass.


Instagram: @light.mark

About Kirstin Guenther

Kirstin Guenther is an artist who searches for esoteric beauty and meaning in everyday life.

She was awarded a BA Visual Arts (hons) in Textiles, Glass and Art Theory from The Australian National University and later a BA Secondary Teaching from Sturt University. Kirstin has worked as an educator in regional and National cultural institutions whilst maintaining her art practice.

Her art is motivated by expressing beauty and connections between humanity and equality, psychology and spirituality, science and nature and how these ideas intersect.

Currently Kirstin is focussed theoretically and visually on the connections between space and time, luminosity and shadow, transparency and opacity…what we see and what is hidden. She works in multiple mediums including fabric, paper, ink, oil pastel and acrylic paint.

‘There is so much that remains mysterious in our world, in ourselves and how we see our place within and without.’

Kirstin lives and works in Canberra with her husband, two children, two dogs and three cats. She continues to work both as an art teacher to students with disabilities and art practice in her sanctuary and home studio.


Instagram: @kirstinguentherartist