Life Source

Artwork by Leah Brideson from the Life Source exhibition

Life Source

By Leah Brideson

Opening 6pm Friday 8 July 2022

8 July – 21 August 2022

Life Source is a collection of works that speak of culture and Country as the foundations of life. Over the last 5 years, Leah created a series titled Life Source, focused on rivers on her Country, Kamilaroi, and the land she lives on, Ngunnawal, that give, nurture and sustain life. After a recent trip back to her Country, Leah connected with her Ancestral lands on a deeper, spiritual level. She read and listened to the landscape through a cultural lens and held both culture and Country as a Life Source, supporting Leah through grief, anxiety and depression, where she embraced old ways of connection and healing.

Leah weaves her healing journey through Life Source. She consolidates old ideas and explores new designs through a visual conversation, consistent with her feelings and visions of culture and Country. Through the work, Leah visualises the energy of connection and her journey of growing with culture and Country, both as she describes as ‘central’ to her being. Works span from representing the physical to spiritual, illustrating diverse elements of culture and Country, and illuminating the spiritual connection through colour, movement and story.

About Leah Brideson

Leah is an Aboriginal woman born in Canberra, ACT. Leah’s mob are Kamilaroi from her Grandmothers Country in the Gunnedah region. Leah’s art practice began in her early childhood. As a self-taught artist, Leah paved her own way in rediscovering and sharing her identity and culture through art.

Leah refers to her arts practice as ‘visual yarns’; illustrated stories and conversations, connecting people with cultural practices and landscapes, gently hinting nuances of activism and a vehicle for voicing culture, Country and connection. Leah’s signature ‘cracked earth’ style developed from time spent observing the landscape on her Country symbolises culture as interconnected with Country, and the space in between as rich and deep in history and story.


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