Lee Crisp Life Drawing 

Three Graces having a good think by Lee Crisp

Life Drawing

Lee Crisp

Pivot Gallery, Belconnen Arts Centre

Opening: 6pm Friday 5 April 2024

Exhibition: 5 April – 19 May 2024

Artist talk 2pm Saturday 6 April 2024, registrations required

Drawing from life experience as an artist and her love of art history, Lee Crisp looks at the contemporary lives of women from the perspective of the embodied subject. Lee explores agency, strength, sensuality and sexuality as lived by mature women.  

Lee is reclaiming the female nude as her own. She is also claiming the history of women artists and their perspectives, which are often different from the mainstream of the art world. 

Watercolour, once confined as a women’s medium has been changed through scale and presence to become a playful and powerful channel also translating into freely drawn watercolours. 

Two pivots of the visual arts are sight (perception) and touch (tactility). This enables an awareness of other senses to create an embodied knowledge of the world around us and inside us. Interoception, being aware of and acknowledging internal sensation is an important factor. 

Lee has a vast history of teaching life drawing to perceive the human condition. Starting as a quiet young feminist in 1975 and relishing the intellectual freedom Canberra offered without a women artist’s roadmap! Maturity brings its own ease and frankness. 

About Lee Crisp

Lee Crisp studied at the South Australian School of Art and completed a Masters in Painting at ANU 2000.  She worked as an educator at the Canberra Art School for 40 years and at the NGA and NPG focusing on drawing and painting. 

Lee has exhibited in the Archibald, Portia Geach (6 times), Dobel Drawing Prize, Mosman Art Prize, Blake, she has won the ANU Drawing Prize, Tuggeranong Art Prize, and Bowral Watercolour Prize. She had a six-month residency at Cape Town University and three residencies at Bundanon.   

Lee is represented in the National Portrait Gallery (3 times), the National Library, the Marion, CMAG, Adelaide University. 

Website: www.leeannecrisp.com