Big Art Adventures | Term 1

Two hands holding wooden paper making frame over bucket of water with colourful confetti

Paper making with Mary Kayser

Big Art Adventures | 8-12 years
With Mary Kayser

Saturday, 2pm – 4pm

15 February – 21 March 2020

Paper galore! Mess with wet papers, dry papers, paper pulp and more. Learn how to make recycled paper pulp to create unique sheets of paper for books, drawings, paintings, birthday cards and even three-dimensional models. Paper pulp can also be used to model forms three-dimensionally and once dry, it can be combined with paper clay to create whatever pops in your imagination. Use your imagination and add a variety of items to the paper making process. Add materials such as plants, textiles, paper cut-outs, colours, shapes. Explore texture, line, colour and form along the way and a little bit about the history of paper and where it began.

About Mary Kayser

Mary Kayser

Mary Kayser

Mary Kayser is a professional artist and educator and has formal teaching qualifications including a four year degree in Visual Art and over 25 years of experience teaching creative art and sculpture workshops, from preschool through to adults. For the last five years, Mary has been creating and teaching the Big Art Adventures program for Belco Arts.

She has been the recipient of a number of art awards and grants for her art practice. Mary is inspired by the natural environment, its contrasts and how living things are intricately connected.  Science also shapes her thinking, as do the simple aspects of everyday life. The materials she uses have a story and she works with them to compose forms that poetically describe concepts, themes and her observations.

She is a creative nurturer who believes offering opportunities to explore individual creativity is extremely important, for all ages.  This drives her passion to share her many well-developed skills.


Weeks 1 & 2

Mess with making paper pulp from recycled papers.  Use the mortar and deckle to collect and strain the paper pulp.  When your technique is perfected, start experimenting with adding items to the paper making process such as plants, paper cut-outs, fabric etc. Transform waste paper into beautiful handmade papers!

Weeks 3 & 4

Keep making as many unique papers as you like and/or explore compressing and modelling with paper pulp to create three-dimensional sculptured landscape/objects. Wait to see what happens to the forms over the next few weeks as they dry! Choose what to do with your dried hand-made papers.  Sew the pages together to make a book and/or use some pages to draw and paint on.   Create clothing pieces with them using wires or do you have another idea?

Week 5

Work with your dried three-dimensional sculptured landscape/objects.  Explore the effects of using coloured paper clay over your dried paper pulp forms and embellish.

Week 6

Complete all artworks and set up/display for the end of term exhibition. Where possible, the individual is encouraged to be part of the creative process of displaying their work.  The creators are asked to display their work to its best possible advantage.  For example, think about the space around the work, contrast, and what will make the work stand out.



All materials will be provided.

What you need to bring

Please wear old clothes (or bring an apron). Covered shoes are required.


Please note, enrolment closes one week prior to the first workshop. Please indicate your class time preference (10:30am or 2pm) by selecting one of the start dates below. Should you find that your chosen class is full, please add yourself to the waiting list on Eventbrite and you will be contacted if a place becomes available.

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More info

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