The Journey

Le Soleil en Ripaille (Feast) by Nyulla Safi
Le Soleil en Ripaille (Feast) by Nyulla Safi.

The Journey

Nyulla Safi

18 June – 6 September 2021

Eastlake Gungahlin
51 Hinder Street, Gungahlin ACT

Opening hours
10am-12am Mon-Sun

Nyulla Safi has been painting since July 2019. She is a self-taught artist. She follows her heart and hand allowing them the freedom to express her emotions. She works intuitively and is surprised by what appears as her hands move and her mind is immersed in the moment. This is a place where she can be perfectly happy. A place for reflection. Her own interior landscape.

Nyulla has work published in three art books in the United Kingdom and The Journey is her first solo exhibition.

The journey begins. Stand still, take a moment and be enamoured of life. For serenity is you, beauty in your soul and a beautiful dream awaits to be your reality.

– The Journey, Nyulla Safi

Just like the ocean from a distance gives an impression of calm, it can capsize, leave you shipwrecked, as it can uplift and enthrall. We know there is turbulence. There are storms. We know there is truth as there are lies. Yet we continue to believe and hope. For this is life. It is arid as it is plentiful. It can defeat with one swell and leave you subdued. Yes, it is life, it is my lover, my torment and my joy.

This exhibition is part of the IGNITE program for artists who identify as disabled, D/deaf, HOH, chronically ill, neurodiverse or who have lived experience of mental health issues.