Interwoven 7

Forest (detail) by Hilary Peterson

Interwoven 7

Wendy Bell, Jasmine Bruce, Nancy Brunton, Lyn Davidson, Lissa de Sailles, Emily Dvorin, Trish Flynn, Sasha Hardcastle, Sally Holliday, Megan Juresa, Christiane Keller, Leonie Lucey, Ann McMahon, Beverly Moxon, Adrienne Nicholson, Hilary Peterson, Gabrielle Powell, Mary Preece, Jessika Spencer, Lisa Stevenson, Gayle Stockley & Claudia Tasche

West Gallery, Belconnen Arts Centre

Opening: 6pm Friday 16 February 2024

Exhibition: 16 February – 28 March 2024

Born of an idea by artist Gabrielle Powell, Spiral Gallery in Bega has been the home of most of the Interwoven exhibition series.

Interwoven 7 brings together basketry and textile artists from the Canberra region and the NSW South Coast.

Artists draw on a range of fibre traditions, combining natural, synthetic and recycled materials. They use twining, coiling, looping, stitching and assemblage to reinterpret fibre art from functional vessels to sculptural forms, with each artwork reflecting the passion and concerns of its maker, telling stories, or reflecting on emotional responses to places and events.

Traditional and experimental works relate to generations of makers that have come before, interacting with material, pattern, colour, design and texture, making the practice of fibre art a mindful, meditative, and soul-nourishing practice for most makers.

Woven Wall Hanging by Jessika Spencer

ACT Fibre Basket Weavers Arts Exchange

ACT Fibre Basket Weavers

10am-12pm Saturday 17 February 2024

The Meeting Room, Belconnen Arts Centre

FREE, no bookings required

Join the ACT Fibre Basket Weavers for an exchange of weavers and their weaving practices at Belco Arts. Artists will work on their current projects and provide opportunities for visitors to watch and ask questions. Taking inspiration from the Interwoven 7 exhibition and the artists, there will also be two stations for visitors to learn coiling and string making.

About the Artists

Wendy Bell

Wendy Bell is a textile artist with a passion for basketry. She works with natural fibres and recycled wire to create work that explores and comments on emotional responses to places and events. She uses techniques borrowed from weaving, embroidery, knitting, crochet as well as traditional basketry in her sculptural pieces.

Instagram: @wendybell482

Jasmine Bruce

Jasmine Bruce is a Canberra based researcher and maker of vessels and sculpture. She incorporates weaving into her creative practice. Her work is often fine and delicate in nature. This is her third group exhibition.

Nancy Brunton

Nancy Brunton is a ceramic and fibre artist. She experiments using eco dying, weaving, twining and printmaking. These techniques are often incorporated into her ceramics. An active member of two community-based galleries she enjoys curating and participating in themed exhibitions.

Lyn Davidson

Lyn’s favoured plant materials for weaving are lovingly nurtured and grown in her garden. She finds the preparation and weaving of her materials to be a mindful, meditative, and soul-nourishing practice. A sustainable, holistic view of love and care for the environment lies at the heart of her work.


Instagram: @raranga_and_beyond

Facebook: @RarangaAndBeyond

Lissa de Sailles

Lissa de Sailles lives and works from her studio on Jerrinja/Wandi Wandian Land in the Shoalhaven. Her specialist skills in traditional and contemporary basketry have developed over a lifetime of making things with her hands and unique opportunities to learn with local and international master makers.

Instagram: @lissadesailles

Emily Dvorin

I call myself a sculptural basketmaker. I am known for my innovative ‘transordinary’ or unexpected vessels made from common everyday materials, using traditional basketry techniques in a non-traditional way. With a visual language, I tell a story by coiling, sewing and assembling, interacting with material, pattern, colour, design and texture.

Instagram: @emilydvorin

Trish Flynn

I use traditional basketry and weaving techniques to create contemporary baskets, vessels and sculptural pieces.

The techniques featured in my pieces include twining, looping, and coiling using natural fibres such as linen, hemp, paper twine, raffia, harvested reeds and vines. I also use recycled materials such as copper wire from electrical cables.

Instagram: @trish2537

Sasha Hardcastle

Sasha Hardcastle is a local in the Canberra/Ngunnawal country region. Coming to weaving and dyeing to learn to cope with a disability, Sasha was forced to a very slow pace, seeing tiny changes in the colours, light, smell, growth and death in nature every passing day.

Instagram: @raffiaprince

Sally Holliday

Sally Holliday is an artist, art therapist, and creative facilitator. Her works often incorporate found objects, repurposed materials, and depict elements of the natural world. Sally teaches weaving workshops across the Canberra region, sharing her love of basketry with others.


Instagram: @make_thrift

Megan Juresa

Megan Juresa is an artist based on the Far South Coast of NSW. Combining natural fibres, salvaged textiles, stitching and elements of basketry, her work explores biophilia, memory and resilience.


Instagram: @meganjuresa

Christiane Keller

Christiane Keller is a fibre artist, anthropologist and curator. She had the privilege to learn from fibre artists in Arnhem Land and the central desert. She works with natural and recycled material and employs a number of techniques to create functional and sculptural works.

Instagram: @sculptntwine

Leonie Lucey

Leonie Lucey is Canberra based multidisciplinary artist, with a  practice that spans over 40 years that include ceramics, mosaics and basketry.  Leonie likes combining ceramics and basketry, creating sculptural pieces using natural fibres.

Ann McMahon

Ann McMahon works in the arts industry in various roles. Her craft practice sustains her creative spirit and she focuses technically on off-loom weaving in both large and small scale. Her work is typically sculptural and explores the intersection of form and materiality. Her work is held in the collection of the Canberra Museum and Gallery.

Facebook: @ann.mcmahon.77

Beverly Moxon

I am a textile and fibre artist. I graduated in 2011 with a Master of Visual Arts.

My childhood memories of playing in the pine woods of North Carolina to my more recent experiences of country NSW are my stories about place woven into the baskets and abstract forms that I create.

Instagram: @beverlyjoantextileart

Adrienne Nicholson

Adrienne Nicholson is a Canberra based maker and has been part of the ACT Fibre basketry group for the last 25 years. She enjoys using her hands to create functional baskets and organic sculptures, working with any material she can find.

Hilary Peterson

Hilary completed a Master of Visual Arts in 2002 researching areas of interest involving landscape, the natural world, inter-connectivity, interdependence and place. This research continues to underpin her work. Exploring a location her work investigates fragility and ephemeral beauty, an unconscious memorising of particular aspects of the landscape that later resurface into consciousness.


Instagram: @hilarypeterson11

Gabrielle Powell

When crafting my baskets, I utilise recycled materials such as cable, wire, and fruit and vegetable bags to produce natural shapes. The creation of decorative elements is a component of my storytelling process, where I sew together layers of colours and materials to construct a visual narrative.


Instagram: @gabriellepowell7685

Mary Preece

Mary Preece is an artist and arts educator, recently retired from working at Bundanon. Her practice includes basketry, drawing, sculpture, and printmaking, inspired by research into the flora of the Shoalhaven. Mary has recently returned to Bendigo, Victoria. Family influences include a grandmother who was a CWA basketry demonstrator.


Instagram: @mary_e_preece

Jessika Spencer

Jessika is an Aboriginal Fibre Artist, from the Sandhills of the Western Riverina, Narrungdera. She’s currently based on Ngunnawal, Ngambri Country in Canberra. 

Her work combines both traditional and contemporary cultural techniques to create woven items. 

Sustainability, land management and cultural heritage are at the core of Jessika’s work; the materials used are bio-degradable and carefully collected from country. 

Instagram: @jessikatona &

Lisa Stevenson

Lisa Stevenson is a fibre artist with a passion for using natural materials. She has been growing and harvesting her own basketry materials from her local area. Creating functional and sculptural forms using various basketry techniques Lisa seeks to explore the possibilities of design with natural fibres. She is currently undertaking a degree in visual arts.

Instagram: @lisa_went_wondering

Gayle Stockley

Gayle has lived and studied art in Perth, Melbourne, and Canberra, settling in Wamboin outside Canberra in 1993 where she has a studio. She is a painter but for 7 years made relief sculpture using bushfire blackened casuarina. For Interwoven 7 she has bound sticks and canvas creating grid-like wall sculpture bringing to mind the warp and weft of weaving.

Claudia Tasche

Claudia is a fibre artist mainly using wet felting as a technique to create 3-dimensional work. Her interest lies in the tactile nature and transformative processes of feltmaking and she is fascinated by the geometric shaping and the three dimensional sculptural possibilities of felt.

Instagram: @claudiatasche.felt